The Box BC (Before Conversion)

The Box BC (Before Conversion)


Master Ballers

We are Chris and Emily from Leeds in Yorkshire. Our mission is to share our passion for local produce and make people happy with the food that we serve, just as happy as it makes us whilst we cook it.

To achieve this goal we set up The Ball Box to serve up mind blowing gourmet Meatballs and Veg Balls from our lovingly restored 1960’s horse trailer… now called The Ball Box.

We are a mobile street food business catering for private and corporate events, you will also see us around markets and festivals. We love nothing more than working with people to come up with personalised menus so whatever your requirements or tastes we have a ball for you.

So why Meatballs? Well its quite simple really, you can virtually ball anything (think about it)! This allows us to cook all of our favourite cuisines from Thai to Italian, British to Greek, you name it we can ball it. Another great thing about Meat and Veg balls is you can pack them with layers of flavour, smother them in delicious sauces and serve them with amazing sides. In our opinion, the perfect street food.

We have mastered our balling skills for almost 2 years now and we believe that we have the best balls in Yorkshire, who knows…. maybe the world???

We are proud to support our local farmers and producers and use ingredients sourced as close to our home as possible, quality is our absolute priority, always.

If you see us around or would like to enquire about us cooking for guests at your event, please give us a shout! We would love to share our balls with you.