Annnnnd Relax. Well, not quite.

January in Street Food Land.

We do our best to take some time out in January, its a time for us to reflect on what went well in 2018 and start to plan our diary as we cruise into the new year. Thankfully planning can be done inside because I’m telling you now its not much fun being outside at this time of year, we like to hibernate until you can still see daylight at 5pm.

The Dreaded To-Do List.

Although we do try our best to relax you can’t help but have one eye on that dreaded to-do list. Throughout the season the kit and trailer take quite a hammering. I know for a fact that we have to replace the jockey wheel, two of the tyres and repaint the whole trailer before the new season starts. We also need a new rice cooker, I dropped ours and it has imploded (Chris isn’t aware of this yet).

Event Planning.

It is also at this time of year that event planners start releasing dates for food festivals, street food markets and the likes. We do our best to juggle all of these alongside our private bookings and ensure we have been a good spread of events throughout each month. There are a lot of great events out there, we have been fortunate enough to trade at a lot of them in 2018. These include the epic Peddler Market in Sheffield, Mhairi and her team knocks it out of the park every month without fail. The new Chow Down event in Halifax is amazing too, Simon and his team there not only organised an amazing venue but managed to book the sunshine too. Thanks to all of the events organisers we have worked with in 2018.

Menu Development.

Probably the BEST bit of having some time off is the menu development. January gives us an opportunity to try out some new recipes, make sure our menu looks great and is on trend. We have seen traders over the last 2 years really upping their game. This continuous improvement is great for everyone, its great for us because it challenges us to create better dishes and it great for the customers who get try this amazing array of unbelievable food week in - week out.

On reflection, there's not actually that much time to relax, I’m constantly on the go but to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Heres to a great 2019!