A Trailer Full of Trotters

Decisions Decisions

Choosing our setup was something that we took our time over, we weighed up the pros and cons of a gazebo setup, vehicle setup and a trailer setup eventually settling with the trailer. We chose a trailer for numerous reasons, firstly they tend to be pretty cheap in comparison to a vehicle and secondly they don’t take any time to setup and takedown as does a gazebo.

A Flabergasted Farmer

If you see a good looking box, you need to move quickly! These are pretty popular at the moment and good looking ones don’t stick around for long. We travelled all the way down to Northampton for ours, we picked it up from a farmer who had just retired, he used it to take his pigs to market (so subsequently it stunk of poo) the look on his face when we told him that we were going to convert it into a food unit to serve meatballs from was absolutely priceless… he thought we had literally lost our minds.

Top Tip

We have now been rolling around in our box for about 12 months and she has served us well, the initial investment has really been worth it. We have since invested second unit in the form of a gazebo and fully electric equipment, this allows us to cater indoor events and spaces where gas is not allowed, really handy through the winter so we can keep out of the cold. When choosing your unit our top tip would be think practically and choose wisely, the way your unit looks will influence sales and create opportunity. Also remember to BE ORIGINAL and CREATIVE.