The Blog of a Master Baller

We get asked this question a LOT! 

How did you get into street food and is it difficult to setup a business? We get asked this question so much that we thought people might actually like to read about our journey into street food and what it takes to be a street food trader in the north of the UK.

The Blog.

We have had so many amazing experiences in our first 18 months of trading. We will share some of these stories with you, maybe your just reading because your interested, maybe because your looking to start a street food business, whatever it maybe hopefully we will be able to give you a little insight into the street food industry and what a great place it can be.

Thanks for everything so far!

Of course we wouldn’t even be at this point or have anything to write about if it wasn’t for our amazing customers. So before we start we would just like to thank each and everyone of you who have supported us upto this point. The responses and comments we have had have been overwhelming and we really can’t thank you enough for enjoying our balls just as much as we enjoy rolling them. We cant wait to see you all again as we ball our way through 2018!