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We Love a Good Wedding!

Wedding Catering

As well as birthday parties, corporate celebrations, christenings, street food festivals, markets, beer festivals, music festivals, gin festivals and Christmas fairs, we cater for a LOT of weddings... and its safe to say we LOVE them. When we started The Ball Box I couldn't have ever imagined how many wedding photo albums we would be a part of and just how many newly weds would choose to eat our balls and feed them to all of their guests on their big day. 

Personalised Service

When we are working with couples that are planning their wedding we try and make everything as personal as possible, despite what people might think, no two weddings are the same, they just aren't. Each couple that we speak to have differing requirements. If we can, we try and create a bespoke ball recipe for each couple, in-fact this is where a lot of the recipes that we now sell regularly at foodie events actually came from including the Chicken Katsu which is now one of our top sellers! 

Our Ethos

When we set up our little company we had one simple goal in mind, this still runs through everything we do today; deal with others as we would want to be dealt with. I can't stress this enough, when it comes to weddings we have found some companies really know how to ramp up the old rip off level! If you add wedding to the front or back of anything you tend to find the costs double or treble in some cases. Our prices are the same for a wedding as they would be at any other street food event because that is what we believe is the right thing to do. We came across a couple who had been quoted £9 a head for a Mr Whippy ice cream van the other week.... W.T.F!

Quick Thanks

To all the couples that we have had the pleasure of cooking for so far this year we would just like to say a massive thanks for letting us be a part of one of the biggest days of your lives, we have seen more drunk grannys, hilarious best man speeches and emotional first dances than we can recall. Our solid favourite remains people tripping up over the TP/tent guide ropes that peg the TP to the floor, that never gets old! Those ropes do tend to come out of nowhere when you've had a beer or five :)